Glorified Weeds

Glorified Weeds


From our gardens to yours!


Perfect for the avid gardener-

Look at the albums  and find some varieties that your beds are missing.  All plants will be freshly dug.  Call me with your wish list.
or organize a relaxing garden party surrounded by the beauty of nature!
Visitors and photographers are always welcome.
The long, cold winter, and the slow, cold spring are postponing the garden "show" for a few weeks.  The only blooms showing at this time,  (early May) are the smaller spring varieties, and the very first, earliest daffodils.   I have no doubt that most of the daffodils will be blooming in late May, and that the peak of bloom will be later in July or early August.  As of early May, many perennials have yet to emerge. 
Most of the plants in the gardens are large enough to divide, or to take volunteers.  For the past 10 years, I have dug and potted perennials in the spring for sales, with extras being wintered over.  I am changing that method of sales, and digging plants as they are requested, if they are available.  Although some plants respond better to being divided in early spring or in the fall,  there are many varieties that can be divided all summer long.   I will be open from Memorial Day weekend through the end of June, afternoons.  If you wish to come at other times, or later in the summer, contact me in advance if you think that you will want me to dig something for you.   You are still welcome to come and enjoy the gardens at any time.  
The photo albums show pictures of the gardens at different points of the season, as well as hundreds of  individual varieties of perennials.    Many plants can be divided at your request, so please contact me with any questions you may have regarding availability.  



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